Our Mission Statement

The current worldwide COVID-19 outbreak has everyone worried and trying to protect themselves, their homes and businesses from a potential contamination. According to the CDC, the virus may remain viable for hours or even days on surfaces made from a variety of materials. Cleaning of these surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for prevention of COVID-19.  Scelo Services & Cleaning Solutions specializes in infectious disease and biohazard remediation, including COVID-19 disinfection. Our professionals are trained to deliver the highest possible standards while we perform a cleanup that involves cleaning and disinfection by use of EPA Registered Disinfectant.  Scelo Services & Cleaning Solutions cleanup procedures generally include the cleaning and disinfecting of porous and non-porous surfaces and disposal of waste. We are available 24/7 for emergency response in the event of an outbreak.

How Do We Clean COVID-19?

COVID-19 has quickly gained a reputation for being potentially dangerous, even deadly. This is one of the many reasons why having a trusted professional disinfectant and cleaning company on your side is so vital. SCEL-O Services & Cleaning Solutions abides by all OSHA regulations regarding disease clean up and disinfection. We use CDC approved and EPA registered industrial-strength disinfectants which we apply through a commercial spray method. Fully encapsulated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including respirators and head-to-toe gear, help to shield our cleanup technicians at all times. We use the “Observer” method when putting on and removing (Donning and Doffing) our PPE to keep our workers safe and responsible. When mobilizing and demobilizing our equipment, special care is taken to fully disinfect our gear to avoid possible contamination transfer.

What Makes Us Different?

When disinfecting an area, being thorough is key to eliminate the risk of transmission from communal areas. The biggest concern with the current COVID-19 issue is its longevity on most substrates. This makes for a higher likelihood of transmission from person to person after touching or handling the same contaminated surface. We pay extra attention to frequently touched areas like push-bars, handles and casings by both manually and mechanically disinfecting. Other competitors often use hand pump sprayers that soak every surface and limit what surfaces can actually be disinfected which may cause the oversite of a contaminated item. The other option that most facilities try to carry out themselves is hand disinfecting with a rag and spray bottle, however this method is both tedious and time consuming. We at Scelo Services & Cleaning Solutions have developed a spray method that creates a fine mist that is safe for most all surfaces including things like fabrics, paper and keyboards. CDC approved disinfectant is applied to any exposed surface within the designated square footage. This includes walls, floors, furniture, windows, shelving, non-palatable stock and nearly everything else can be treated effectively and efficiently. This full coverage method provides confidence that every surface is now safe to handle and removes the fear and worry that comes with the most recent news regarding COVID-19.


Disease outbreak has the potential to turn into a very serious situation.  When the health and safety 
of you, your family and your employees are on the line, don’t take any chances.
Call in the professionals at Scelo Services & Cleaning Solutions today!